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Passive house -
home without any heating
! very interesting !
2 young women built alone a 2-family passive house
Big villa in the german mountain Harz
Passivhouse in Uelzen - built in only 3 months
A passive house is erected after a fire
A Canadian Style house with garage + office
Passivhouse Bungalow near Bremen
3-Family Passivhouse in Hannover
1-Family Passivhouse in Celle
Passivhouse built in Sassnitz on the island Rügen
Oldtimer-Fan built Passivhouse near Saarbrücken
Passive house built on top of a roof
Passivhouse Bungalow near Dannenberg
Passivhouse Bungalow near Hameln
The 4-Generation Passivhouse near Kassel
2-family Passivhaus near Bad Salzdetfurth
Tuscany Villa in Winsen - Passivhouse
The yellow Passive house -
without any heating
The octagonal Passive house near Hanover
Passive house in Freden looks like a swedish
The interesting shed roof passive house in Barsinghausen
Passive house in Verden with silo catastrophe
Passivhouse, office with gym included
Our Concrete + normal conrete houses
The perfect roof system
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Without heating? -
How is it possible?
Something about
"breathing walls"
Heat loss and
heat profits
The window glass
Airing in a
Passiv house
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